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Do you have unfair dismissal issues?

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In most cases, an employee whose employment begins on or after 6 April 2012 needs two years' continuous service to be able to bring a claim of unfair dismissal although there are certain cases of automatically unfair dismissal where this requirement does not apply – for example, an unfair dismissal for a reason related to pregnancy.

Employees whose employment began before 6 April 2012 normally require one year's continuous service to bring an unfair dismissal complaint although again there are certain cases of automatically unfair dismissal where there is no service requirement.

An employee will be unfairly dismissed if the reason for dismissal is not one of the fair reasons allowed under the law. The fair reasons for dismissal are redundancy, conduct, capability or “some other substantial reason” of a kind to justify dismissal (for example, a business reorganisation). An employer who can show that the reason for dismissal was a fair reason will also have to show that it acted reasonably in treating that reason as sufficient to dismiss. So, for example, an employer dismissing for misconduct will have to show that dismissal was an appropriate response to the misconduct in question.

An employer must follow a fair procedure in carrying out a dismissal.
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